About me… and you

About me… and you

You are awesome and we appreciate you checking out FullRunning.net.

►I’M NOT A STORE. For this reason, I recommend any tape on the market, without having favoritism for one brand or model, I read an analyze hundreds or thousands of reviews to give the best products. ?

►LIKE ADVISING MY MOTHER. I always try to offer you the best model at the best price and these are the products I would suggest to my mother (if she were a runner).

►GREAT IF YOU END UP BUYING. If you buy through the links, I take a small commission that makes it possible for us to continue helping you. But if you don’t it’s all good. I will still think you are awesome.

For as long as I remember, I have been running and I like everything related to running. But running is more than just running.

That is why I created Full Running, a page to help you choose and make the best decision with simple analyzes of running-related products.

Here you will find my recommendations, comparisons, and advice on everything related to running.

Thank you for visiting Full Running and you can send comments or questions to william at fullrunning dot net.

Keep running,


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