The best running shoes for heavy men

The best running shoes for heavy men

After 7 hours of research, I list the best running shoes for heavier runners.

If you weigh between 180lb/80kg and 220lb/100kg, these shoes are for you.

You’ll find out which shoes are the best 3 running shoes for “heavy” men. 

Running is an impact sport, which makes it necessary to use shoes that provide good cushioning.

And the heavier a runner is, the more impact protection he needs.

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When I say the best running shoes, I really mean the best running shoes.

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The best running shoes for heavier men

1. Nike Vomero 16


  • The Zoom X foam provides excellent cushioning.
  • Good ventilation prevents sweating and keeps the feet cool.
  • Super resistant sole and good grip.


  • This shoe is heavier than average, so it’s not recommended for fast sessions.
  • If you’re looking for shoes for fast training sessions, a better option would be the Nike Pegasus 38.

Men’s: 10.9oz/ 310grams.

Men’s Nike Vomero 16. Click on the image for additional pics/colors


2. Adidas Ultraboost 22


  • Extremely comfortable
  • This shoe is THE Adidas running shoe for heavy runners looking for maximum cushioning


  • It can be a bit narrow for runners with wide feet. If that’s your case, these are the 3 best running shoes for wide feet.
  • If you run on wet surfaces such as sidewalks or asphalt, you must be very careful (especially if we are going downhill) because the grip is not very good.
  • Due to its weight, this shoe is not recommended for fast sessions.

Men’s: 11.2oz/ 318grams

Men's Adidas Ultraboost 22Men’s Adidas Ultraboost 22. Click on the image for additional pics/colors.


3. Brooks Glycerin 20


  • The lightest shoe out of the 3 running shoes mentioned.
  • Its 27% softer than the average foam makes it very comfortable.
  • The upper doesn’t restrict air so the shoe remains breezy even during hot days.


  • For some runners, the laces don’t stay tied.
  • Some runners prefer the standard version that fits better than the StealthFit version.

Men’s: 10.1oz/ 286 grams

Men's Brooks Glycerin 20 Men’s Brooks Glycerin 20. Click on the image for additional pics/colors.


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