The best treadmill for running according to hundreds of users

The best treadmill for running according to hundreds of users


After 9 hours of research, analyzing opinions and ratings of buyers, I list the best «home use» treadmills for jogging and running based on the perception of a lot of users.

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Best treadmills walking running

This article gives you a simple analysis, but with the most important things you have to know about the best treadmills of the year, whether you prefer to jog or run.

Each model has its positive/negative aspects and average rating based on the opinion of the buyers.

Keep in mind that these treadmills offer the best value for your buck and are the best ones in their price range. It is possible to find better treadmills if you want to spend more. 

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The best treadmills for running

1. Bowflex BXT 116/216. The best treadmill for running

Editor rating based on users’ opinion: 4.3 out of 5

Bowflex BTX216. Click HERE for pictures and product specs.


  • Users like the two versions of the treadmill because it is sturdy and smooth. The BXT116 treadmill has a continuous horsepower (CHP) of 3.75 and the BTX216, of 4.0, and both have a maximum speed of 12mph, that allow for walking, jogging, and running.
  • Although some parts need two people to be assembled and the base is very heavy to move by yourself, many mention the assembly is easy since the assembly instructions are easy to follow.
  • According to the manufacturer, the maximum user weight is 375 pounds for the BTX 116 and 400 pounds for the BTX216.
  • A minimum of 55″ in belt length is recommended for running (and 60″ for runners over 6′ tall) and both versions of the treadmill have a belt length of 60”.
  • A couple positively comment on the thicker 3-ply, 2.75mm thick belt, since it makes the belt more durable.
  • A few like the many slots available to put their things in and many mention it is a great treadmill for its price.
  • Others also mention the treadmill is quiet and that the fan is unexpectedly good.
  • The treadmill’s incline level is up to 15%, which is motorized, meaning that you won’t have to manually make the adjustment.


  • Some buyers rate it poorly because the machine didn’t work from the beginning or because it stopped working after weeks or months of use.
  • A few also mention that there were cases were the treadmill abruptly and mistakenly increased/decreased the speed.
  • Some express that the assembly can be difficult and the treadmill is pricier than the other treadmills on this list. 
  • Some mention that the speed transition is slower than ideal which can be frustrating for exercises that require quick speed transitions.
  • The shipped box is quite heavy (according to the manufacturer, 341 pounds) so buyers recommend the box to be delivered as close as possible to the where it will be used.
  • A few, especially heavier users, comment that the treadmill shakes or creaks when using it.
  • A few complain that the Bluetooth feature is limited since Bluetooth only syncs to stats, Bluetooth is locked out unless you buy a monthly subscription, or since you cannot listen to music through it unless you use a headphone jack.
  • A few criticize that they have received a “button stuck” error or that the machine doesn’t have a zero angle (it starts at 1).


1 additional and great treadmill 

In case you would like to check out another option, here is another treadmill that also has a great average score.

2. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Editor rating based on users’ opinion: 4.2 out of 5 

NordicTrack T series. Click HERE for pictures and product specs.

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