Best treadmills for walking

The 2 best treadmills for walking according to hundreds of users


After 9 hours of research, analyzing opinions and ratings of buyers, I list the best “home use” treadmills for walking based on the perception of a lot of users.

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Best treadmills walking running

This article gives you a simple analysis, but with the most important things you have to know about the best treadmills for walking of the year.

Each model has its positive/negative aspects and average rating based on the opinion of the buyers.

Keep in mind that these treadmills offer the best value for your buck and are the best ones in their price range. It is possible to find better treadmills if you want to spend more. 

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The best treadmills for walking

1. ASUNA 8730/8730G. The best treadmill for walking

Editor rating based on users’ opinion: 4.3 out of 5

ASUNA 8730/8730G (the only difference is the color). Click HERE for pictures and product specs.


  • Buyers like this treadmill because it is high-quality and sturdy. 
  • They also like it because of its sleek design and because it can be folded flat underneath a bed or couch.
  • Some are also happy with the treadmill because its wheels facilitate moving it.
  • Buyers feel it is easy to set it up as it comes almost completely assembled.
  • Some think the treadmill is easy to use and a few mention it is quiet.
  • This treadmill is more suited for walking and slow jogging due to its max speed of 8 MPH. 
  • Less expensive than other treadmills on this list.


  • Users express the shipped treadmill is heavy (108 lb. according to manufacturer) and needed help moving the shipped box.
  • For a few, moving the 95-lb. assembled treadmill can be difficult even with the wheels, especially for smaller people. 
  • A few buyers mention the treadmill stopped working after days or months of using it (in one case, replacing the fuse solved the problem).
  • The treadmill is not suited for running due to its max speed of 8 MPH, 1.25 continuous horsepower (CPH), 49in belt length. It also does not have incline levels.
  • A few buyers expressed that the belt can skip when reaching speeds of 6+ MPH.
  • The max user weight is 220 lb., which is less than other treadmills on this list.


2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603

Editor rating based on users’ opinion: 4.2 out of 5

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603. Click HERE for pictures and product specs.

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